Hello, I'm Andrea.

I am a Salt Lake City native and love where I live! I am a self-taught baker, and I am learing (and sometimes failing) as I go. I love trying new things, and you'll see a lot of that here.

I made my first cake in 2007 a 6 fingered skeleton/coffin cake after I started really getting into Ace of Cakes, and some of the other baking shows on TLC and The Food Network. I thought to myself "Self: you can do that!" So I gave it a shot, and here we are.

I started this blog in late 2009 mostly as a way to keep track of what I was making, and as kind of a photo diary for myself, and that hasn't really changed much. I have posted a few recipes for my annual 10 days of cookies during Christmas, and am slowly working on making this more than just a picture blog. I hope to post more recipes and possibly tutorials in the future.
I use mostly organic and locally sourced ingredients in everything I make, you will NEVER see me talk about cake mixes or anything pre-made on this blog. I am all about made-from-scratch, the way your grandma used to make it.

I had a one-time, albeit almost stint on The Next Great Baker. Yes, that show on TLC with Buddy from Cake Boss. I did not make it on the show but came incredibly close (hint: they flew me to Jersey for an in-person audition y'all). Turns out I just wasn't made to be on T.V. - It made me go numb, (literally my arms and hands went totally numb people!) I practically fainted and also for some weird reason I totally forgot how to spell. I met Frankie during my audition while frosting a cake and wearing my banana costume. I also had a celebrity sighting of Buddy. Yes, all of that actually happened! The rest was just a blur - and I probably did a lot of other stupid things, fortunately I can't recall them :) (PTSD y'all). Check out the post about my experience here.

I really love baking but I gotta be honest, DH and freeride mountain biking come in very close second - I like getting dirty, going fast and most of all jumping stuff! I often day-dream about quitting my 9-5 and becoming a professional mountain biker. Ha, If only...

 I adopted an adorable golden retriever and named him Barley. I love and adore more him than anything, ever. I don't have human children so he IS my child, yeah I'm one of "those" dog owners (don't judge) seriously though, how can I not be, just look at that face!

My boyfriend and I have been together for a wonderful 8 years and I wouldn't trade them for anything. He is an amazingly kind person and makes me laugh every day. He is a commercial and advertising photographer and all of the photo's here are taken, (or supervised - I'm learning), by him. Check out his website, I think it's pretty great (I am only a little biased).

I don't eat meat, because I think it's just gross. I became vegetarian in 2009. I have never really liked eating meat, for a number of reasons. So I stopped, just like that! I try to be as healthy as I can, and my brother often refers to me as a "granola" (whatever that means...) but don't get me wrong I love chowing down on a chemical packed bag of doritos just as much as the next gal. 

My motto: "Eat dessert first"

Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope you enjoy it.

 Have a Happy Day!

That's me, in a banana costume riding my bike, in BIKE magazine. Woot Woot!

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